The Fairways Preview junior golf tournament held at Talons Cove Golf Club was a tough and challenging event for the young golfers, as the weather was cold and windy throughout the tournament. Despite the challenging conditions, the young golfers showed their grit and determination as they battled it out on the course. The winds made it difficult for the golfers to control their shots and the low temperatures added an extra layer of challenge, but the players persevered and showed their true talent and skill. They adapted to the weather conditions, adjusted their swings and displayed impressive focus and composure on the course. In the end, the tournament was a great success, showcasing the immense potential of the young golfers who braved the cold and windy conditions to compete.

Bowen Mauss won the Boys 15-18 Division at -9 with Parker Bunn as the runner-up at -8. Ali Mulhall (-14) ran away with a 19 stroke win over Ashley Lam (+5). In the Boys 13-14 Division Ryder Huish (+5) won by 3 strokes over Jordan Ofahengaue.