Frequently Asked Questions
How do I become a member?

To play in the UJGA you must be a member of the association. There are two different categories of Membership, these include the following:

  • Utah Resident Member
  • Non-Resident Member

To be considered a Utah Resident, you must live within the state of Utah. Players from states other than Utah are considered Non-Resident Members.

Full membership in the UJGA is open to all boys and girls who are least 7 year of age and have not reached their 19th birthday.

Membership is for a calendar year, January – December, and is required for participation in any UJGA-sanctioned event of the association. A Membership is $125* (Utah Resident Member and Non-Resident Member)

Membership renewal or purchase is ONLINE on this site. To register or renew, click on the “Membership” box that is found on the Home Page. For renewals, you will need to know your PLAYER ID# and PASSWORD.

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Do I need to have a handicap established to become a member?

No. The UJGA requires all members to “have” a GHIN handicap, this provides the opportunity to post competitive and non-competitive scores which will put you on your way to establish a handicap. To obtain, contact the UGA (801-563-0400) or your local golf professional for assistance.

How do I determine what division I play in?

Divisions are set-up by age. You select the “age division” that meets your age and birthdate. The UJGA Jr. Tour includes eight-divisions based on age, they are as follows:

  • BOYS 15-18 Division
  • BOYS 13-14 Division
  • BOYS 11-12 Division
  • BOYS 10 Under Division
  • GIRLS 15-18 Division
  • GIRLS 13-14 Division
  • Girls 11-12 Division
  • Girls 10 Under Division

Players are required to participate in the age division that meets their birth date. If a player feels the competition within his/her division is not adequate an exception may be consider based on the following:

  1. The player must meet the performance qualifying criteria of the age division they are petitioning to play in.
  2. The player must be in the last year of the age division (ie: age 10 for 10 & under division; age 12 for 11-12 division; age 14 for 13-14 division, etc.)
  3. The petitioning process requires the player to contact the UJGA Executive Committee by email ( and request a division change based on provided facts (resume). Depending on the time of year, the approval process may take up to 10-days.
  4. There are two exemptions where a player is not required to petition the UJGA Executive Committee.
  • If the player is the previous years Golfer of the Year. In this case, the player can simply move-up to the next division the following year. (Example: Golfer of the Year in the 13-14 division when 13, can move to the 15-18 division when 14 without an approval)
  • If the players birthdate is during the season and his age would put him in the older age division the player has the option of signing up for the older division at the beginning of the year. This is not a requirement, just an option. The player can remain in his current division until his birthdate but would then need to move up on his birthdate.
What determines the age group a junior plays in?

The maximum age you can be is the top-end of the division (example: if you are 14 and you turn 15 during the season, the day you turn 15 you are no longer eligible for the 13-14 division). You must be within the division age on the last day of a tournament.

Is there a dress code to play in UJGA tournaments?

Proper dress is required at all times while at the host facility. Questionable attire will be reviewed by the UJGA Staff. Should a host facility have a stricter dress code, its policy will take precedence. Players in violation will not be allowed to tee off.

How do I sign-up to play in the UJGA?

Membership registration begins January 1st of each year. Tournament entry begins February 1st of each year.  Membership and Tournament Entry links are available on this web site (MEMBERSHIP and TOURNAMENT box links are found on the Home Page of this site)

How do I know when I play?

All players will receive their official start time by email 3-days prior to the start of the tournament, start times for subsequent rounds (RD2 & RD3 when applicable) will be emailed to tournament players following play each day. The email will go out to the email contact that is listed on the player’s profile.

Player requests for preferred starting times are not accepted.

How do I find results of tournaments I play in?

Results of UJGA-sanctioned tournaments are emailed to tournament participants at the conclusion of play. Tournament results are posted on this web site under the current year’s TOURNAMENT Schedule.

Are spectators allowed at UJGA tournaments?

The UJGA endorses the policy of the host facility in allowing spectators. Where approved, the UJGA encourages spectators to attend and support their junior players. All gallery members are required to follow the “Gallery Policy” as found on this web site under POLICIES. The UJGA supports all golf courses policies regarding outside food, drink, and cart rental. If you have questions, contact a staff member at or the host golf course staff.

How do I withdraw from a tournament?
What is the refund policy?
What if I don’t show up to a tournament I entered?
How do I learn the Rules of Golf?

The UJGA assists in teaching its members the Rules of Golf through on-sight tournament Rules Officials. We also encourage members to attend one of the Rules of Golf Workshops that are provided by the Utah Golf Association (UGA). For information on the workshops, contact the Utah Golf Association (UGA) at 1-801-563-0400. In addition, available on the USGA’s web site are Rules of Golf Quizzes that a member can take; these are optional and not mandatory but are very helpful in learning the rules of the game


Rules of Golf Quizzes:

Where can I find an instruction program for my junior player?

Currently the UJGA does not offer an instruction program. Contact your local PGA Professional to determine what programs are available in your area.

How do I qualify for State Teams, National and State Championships and UJGA Invitational tournaments?

Selected from the Boys & Girls 15-18 Divisions (Juniors Americas Cup / Girls Junior Americas Cup / Eddie Hogan Cup).  The selection process is based on a Players Performance Ranking or PPR in designated tournaments. The top-3 ranked players are exempt, the fourth player is selected by the UJGA Selection Committee.

UTAH TEAMS for the BORDER WAR (Utah v. Nevada) are selected from eligible players in the the Boys 15-18 / 13-14 and Girls 15-18 Divisions. Qualifying information for these teams is posted on the Tournament Information Page (TIP) that is found on the tournament schedule.

To play on a Utah team you must be a resident of Utah and your membership must be in good standing.


Players qualify for season-ending invitational tournaments based on their play in specified tournaments. To obtain qualifying information, see the TIP of the tournament.


Information on specific State and National tournaments is found on the current year’s Tournament Information Page (TIP)

The UJGA conducts and sanctions qualifying tournaments for national tournaments, these include:

  •  FCG International
  • IMG Junior World Championship
  • FCG CALLAWAY World Championship
  • Optimist International Jr. Golf Championship
  • US Jr. Amateur Championship
  • US Girls Junior Championship
  • Junior PGA Championship
  • North and South Jr. Amateur

National qualifying spots are held solely for Utah residents with the following exceptions which are “open” qualifiers:

  • U.S. Junior Amateur Championship
  • U.S. Girls Junior Championships
  • OPTIMIST International Junior Golf Championship

Verification of a player’s Utah residency may be required. The following are two verifying sources that are used:

  • Current Utah driver’s license (if available)
  • Player’s most recent report card, verifying the school that he/she is attending

 To accept the qualifying spot, the qualifying player’s membership must be in good standing with the player receiving an approved endorsement from the UJGA Executive Committee.