The 11th Jay Don Blake Jr – Callaway Qualifier recently took place at Southgate Golf Club in St. George, Utah, showcasing some of the most talented junior golfers in the region. The tournament was a highly anticipated event, drawing young golf enthusiasts from different parts of the state. 

In the boys 15-18 age group, Parker Bunn emerged as the champion, displaying exceptional talent and composure throughout the tournament. Bunn’s impressive performance and ability to maintain focus under pressure set him apart from his competitors, solidifying his position as the deserving winner of the age group.

The girls 15-18 category witnessed a remarkable display of skill and determination by Ali Mulhall. With each swing, Mulhall showcased her mastery of the game, leaving spectators in awe of her talent. Her precision and consistency secured her the top spot, making her a worthy champion.

The boys 13-14 age group was fiercely contested, with Ryder Huish ultimately emerging as the victor after a thrilling six-hole playoff. The intense competition showcased the level of dedication and skill possessed by these young golfers. Huish’s ability to maintain his composure in such a high-pressure situation demonstrated his potential as a future star of the sport.

Sage Parry dominated the girls 13-14 category, displaying exceptional skill and determination. Parry’s consistent performance and ability to execute precise shots earned her the well-deserved title. As the crowd watched in awe, she demonstrated the talent and drive that will undoubtedly propel her further in her golfing journey.

In the boys 11-12 age group, Nicklaus Miller showcased his golfing prowess with remarkable shots and strategic play. Miller’s ability to navigate the course and adapt to different challenges proved crucial in securing his victory. His impressive performance serves as a testament to his dedication and hard work.

Saylor Wagner emerged victorious in the girls 11-12 category, impressing spectators and competitors alike with her exceptional golfing skills. Wagner’s precision and finesse on the course showcased her potential to become a prominent figure in the world of junior golf. Her determination and talent were evident throughout the tournament.

In the boys 10 and under division, Emery Johnson stood out with his remarkable golfing abilities. Despite his young age, Johnson demonstrated maturity and poise, leaving everyone astonished by his talent. As he conquered the course, Johnson’s victory highlighted the bright future that lies ahead for this promising young golfer.

The 11th Jay Don Blake Jr – Callaway Qualifier at Southgate Golf Club in St. George, Utah, was an unforgettable event that showcased the incredible skills and dedication of these young golfers. The winners in each age group proved their mettle and left a lasting impression on spectators and fellow players. With such talent on display, it is clear that the future of golf is in good hands.